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Accessibility Testing

Accessibility Testing

Today, numerous sorts of app usage have become an indispensible part of people’s life. Apps are used by people all over the world to conduct a variety of tasks. However, a huge sector of our society, which includes over a billion people with disabilities (visual and hearing impairments, cognitive impairments, motor impairments, and so on), still finds it difficult to use the same programmes. Businesses should use accessibility testing to ensure that all individuals (with disabilities and special needs) have equal access to apps.

SQ testing (Tx) believes in a world where everyone is treated equally and offers a wide range of accessibility testing services. We ensure standardised accessibility practises are followed within the application with our high expertise and sound knowledge of accessibility testing regulations such as W3Cs WCAG 2.0, WCAG 2.1 (Level A: 30, Level AA: 20, Level AAA: 28), WCAG 2.2 (Level A: 34, Level AA: 24, Level AAA: 28), and certain regulations such as Section 508, UK-Equality Act, Stanca Act, Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act, 2016, and others. There are multiple advantages to conducting accessibility testing for organisations. For starters, an accessibility-compliant applicant can prevent a company from various lawsuits and litigations.


While user acceptability testing may appear simple, it’s critical to have a strategy and plan in place before putting your real-life testers to work. Our SQ team can educate, coach, and train your internal testers as well as business users on the best approach to testing, as well as how to detect and monitor any defects they find.