We sincerely think that better software leads to a better world, and we are delighted to be assisting our clients in developing and launching the software that is helping to make that a reality.




Automated testing can play a significant role in your testing approach as your software projects become more complicated and your test cases develop. Our SQ automated testing approach will find the appropriate commercial or open-source tools for your project, then run a test case suite to ensure a dependable and repeatable procedure every time.


Our test automation solutions help you achieve your business goals by creating an automation plan that is in line with your company’s objectives. We do a thorough tool evaluation in order to offer the best tool inventory for your demands and budget.

The software industry’s silos (development and operations teams) are breaking down with the rise of DevOps. For organisations to adapt to DevOps and move with higher velocity than ever before, a combination of a culture transformation and the application of the necessary tools, technologies, and best practises are required. With our Devops Services, such as DevOps Advising Services, Infrastructure as Code advisory and implementation services, and CI/CD Implementation services, SQ testing can guide you through this path to optimise your processes, technologies, and scale up your people.