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Performance Testing

Performance Testing

Performance testing is a form of non-functional testing that entails testing software or an application to determine its current system performance. It evaluates your present system’s responsiveness and stability under various workload scenarios. The system is effectively tested under a variety of load and network situations, and the time it takes for the system to respond to these loads is meticulously monitored.


This testing method essentially defines the speed in which the system operates, and it includes both quantitative tests performed in a lab and tests conducted in a production-like environment. With Agile and DevOps approaches on the rise, testing is becoming increasingly important in the software development life cycle.

We prefer to start performance testing just before integrations created in order to get everything running correctly from the start. This enables us to rapidly detect issues and provide immediate feedback to developers, allowing them to repair faults before they cause difficulties. But, like with everything else in life, things don’t always go as planned. We’re also happy to step in at the last minute to assist your team in determining what needs to be changed before launch.